Friday, August 7, 2015

NF, Free Daps, KB & Tedashii

I'm reposting this from my other site, No Time To Be Cool. I've decided to keep that mostly ministry, and dedicate this site to music. I hope you enjoy the artists I feature here.

I've gotten a few questions lately about artists I'd recommend. I'll keep it to the hip hop genre for today and include a few links so that you can sample some of the people in my rotation lately:


 I just caught this young man this weekend at Sonshine Festival in Wisconsin, and he (and his music) connects with people of so many ages. I saw grown men in their forties and teenagers keeping up with him line for line. His flow on the song "Intro" (in the video above) is insane. "I'll Keep On" is my favorite track off of his album Mansion. Check out his website for more on him.

Free Daps

Free Daps is a duo out of Florida that specializes in freestyle and has some fun free music available. They blend wordplay and faith into their lyrics with a sincerity that many other artists can't project. Check out their free InDAPendence album here. I'm a big fan of Jordan's work on this entire project. I can't stop listening to "Briar Patch."


Another guy with great wordplay and theology woven in. His latest project "Tomorrow We Live" has some gems on it. Check out "I Believe." Get to his website here.


Tedashii is another man I saw perform at Sonshine this past weekend. I know some of his back story, which is powerful and inspiring. He has some diverse music in his collection, from Blacklight to Below Paradise. Check out his website here. Enjoy some tunes. I'll post more later this week.

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