I like to help people celebrate.

If you need someone to play music for your wedding, or event, let me know. I play music, emcee and direct traffic. I work with couples to keep the party moving, keep the people moving, and have a good time with everyone young and old.

A few things about my style:
  • I DJ for all ages. Grandparents to grandchildren. I want them to have fun.
  • I do not play explicit music, or overly suggestive music. We can have a good time without degrading anyone. I don't compromise in this area.
  • I'm open to suggestions and reasonable requests.
  • I've DJed tons of events, from family reunions to basketball tournaments to weddings to multiple other functions.
  • I have my own equipment.
  • If for some reason an engaged couple cancels, I do not charge. 
If you want to get a hold of me, connect with me by clicking here.

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