Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Get it Got it Good

I keep slippin' on posting. I just want to share about what and who inspires me. I think I'm going to try and do this again, though. This will probably be more for me than anyone who stumbles into this spot. Today's post is going to focus on Shad.

I've been following his sounds since the days of MySpace. Every project and collab he makes is fun, smart and special. He comes across as sincere in every project he does without forcing anything. There's often a wink and a nod kind of feel to much of his work. There's always something clever. It's always great.

Here's his latest effort:

I love this song and video. It makes me happy. From the intro screen to how it's shot, to how Shad growls off some of his punchlines in those opening bars. Dude preaches without sounding self-righteous. That's a tough thing to do with a message to share.

Punchline after punchline is profound in this track, and I could loop it all day.

I'm going to post a few more videos from Shad that I've enjoyed. The dude's whole catalog is an easy thing to listen to.

Each song has it's own vibe. Each punchline has it's own layers. And they keep coming, line after line. The man is brilliant.

Here's a whole bunch of sounds, all in one video. It's always great to hear an artist play close to their home. It's like a family celebration vibe to it.

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